Nordic Club Line


Club 560 | 540 | 480 

The latest addition to the Nordic lineup, is our Clubline range. Designed to provide an accessible and versatile entry-level price-point, these three models cater for advanced, beginner and junior paddlers respectively.  Crafted from a combination of premium fibreglass, epoxy resin, and finished with a sleek grey gelcoat, the Clubline range boast exceptional strength, durability, and resilience against wear and tear.

With the option of 2 carbon day hatches, the Clubline surfskis broaden the scope of these skis to touring use and Harbour or river day trips.  With the same Nordic attention to detail, features include a quick-adjust carbon stretcher, carbon carry handles located at the sides, front, and rear, as well as a deBrito self-bailer. All these impressive features equate to incredible value for the cost-conscious buyer and club enthusiasts.

Club 480

Looking for a boat for fitness, fun, picnic paddling and family days out that can handle being knocked around, look no further than the Club 480.

The Club 480 is designed specifically for kids and small people, both an excellent entree into paddling as well as for fun and fitness. Weighing in at 13kg and 47cm wide it is perfect for families and clubs looking to teach kids and juniors the basic techniques.

Suited to paddlers ranging from 130cm to 175cm, the 480 broadens the opportunity for younger paddlers to experience the thrill of paddling a stable, light surfski.


Club 540

The most stable surfski in the Nordic fleet, the Club 540 with its 55cm width is an ideal option for beginners looking to master paddling on flat water or learning to surf in the ocean.

With a length accommodating individuals ranging from 155cm to 200cm the 540 ensures a comfortable and ergonomic fit for a wide range of paddlers. The 42cm seat width, which tapers downward to accommodate smaller hips, offers extra support and comfort.


Club 560

The most agile of the Clubline surfskis, the Club 560, at 50cm wide is an advanced/ intermediate ski that sits in between the Exrcize and the Squall in terms of stability and speed. The 560 is for experienced paddlers looking to paddle for fitness or recreation and don't want to break the bank.


Materials and Construction

The Clubline construction is a combination of fibreglass, epoxy resin and gelcoat, a robust material mix designed to strike the ideal balance between weight and sturdiness. A stringer that runs along the entire length of the boat has been incorporated to further strengthen the structure and rigidity. 

Data and dimensions

Length: 480 cm
Width: 47 cm
Cockpit length: 130cm -170cm
Recommended paddler weight: 40-70kg


Clubline 560, 540, 480  Standard Fit out

  • deBrito Self Bailer
  • carbon foot rest with NK foot strap
  • self-adjusting lines, easy length adjustment
  • Carrying handles front and back
  • Carbon handles either side of the cockpit
  • Luggage net on the deck
  • Standard rudder: Race
  • Touring Option: 2 carbon hatches in the foot area and on the deck (additional cost) and Smart Track kick-up rudder (additional cost)

Rudder options

Surf, Weed, Race and Marathon.

Four rudders to chose from

Or an optional Smart track ski kick up rudder