Nordic Double Kayak


Double 670 

Designed with versatility in mind, the Double 670 can be paddled by an experienced paddler with a beginner paddler in the second seat. Featuring two independent control systems, the 670 allows you to take control from the front, rear, or even both simultaneously, making it an ideal choice for paddlers of different ability.

The shorter hull design and extra keel jump, delivers outstanding manoeuvrability and lightning-fast responsiveness. The unique Nordic combination of autoclave technology and prepreg carbon ensures a super lightweight and strong construction with the mid-weight Carbon Lite layup weighing in at a mere 14kg.

Years of expertise have gone into perfecting the cockpit design, resulting in a flawlessly contoured seat and ergonomics that enable agile footwork. We have included our standard bottle holder beneath the knees and the highly effective deBrito bailer in addition to enhanced paddle insert edges in this second iteration, enabling a narrower paddle insert in the rear cockpit as well.

Whether you are two experienced paddlers looking for a high-performance and super light double surfski or one experienced paddler wanting to paddle with a beginner or intermediate paddler the Double 670 answers the challenge.

Materials and Construction

Nordic surfskis and paddles exemplify the pinnacle of surfski production.  Meticulously crafted using our unrivalled combination of cutting-edge autoclave technology and prepreg carbon, we employ the same production process used in the space industry and F1 car manufacturing. By subjecting the prepreg fibres to four times atmospheric pressure and intense heat from the autoclave, we achieve an exceptionally strong and lightweight construction.

Our superior construction process surpasses alternative manufacturing techniques such as vacuum infusion, and our leading-edge design results in the creation of surfskis of unparalleled strength, durability and speed.

Embrace the exceptional and paddle a Nordic surfski today. 

Data and dimensions

Breeze PE data

Length: 670cm
Width: 50cm
Cockpit length front: 155-190cm
Cockpit length back: 160-200cm paddler weight: 50kg
Recommended combined paddler weight: 150kg

Stability factor:

Double 670 standard fitout

  • deBrito Self Bailer front and back
  • Carbon foot rest with NK foot straps both front and back
  • dual cockpit control
  • self-adjusting lines, easy length adjustment
  • Carrying handles front and back
  • Drink bottle holder front and back including NK water bottles
  • Luggage net on the deck
  • Standard rudder: Race

Rudder options

Surf, Weed, Race and Marathon.

Four rudders to chose from

Or an optional Smart track ski kick up rudder