Nordic K1


K-1 43 and K- 41

Our state-of-the-art racing K-1's feature innovative hull designs developed from our surf skis and optimised for superior hydrodynamics. Crafted using exceptionally lightweight carbon fibre construction, our K-1s effortlessly glide through the water, irrespective of whether you opt for the 43 cm or 41 cm width.

The K1 41 model, tailored for competitive paddlers, offers a slight edge in top speed, while the K1 43 is designed with an experienced fitness paddler in mind. Both models are renowned for their stability, considering their respective widths.

Our meticulously designed seating system ensures optimal comfort and support. The seat is designed to provide good support around the whole seat cup, setting it apart from conventional open seats, allowing the paddler to sit more comfortably for longer. The sloping back end enables enhanced rotation and leg drive. We offer two seat heights depending on paddler preference.

Equipped with footrests, pedals, and a large base plate, our K-1s provide a secure and stable footrest, ensuring a quick steering response. 

Lightening fast and more stable than most K-1s on the market, the Nordic K-1 is a game-changer. 

Material and Construction

Nordic surfskis and paddles exemplify the pinnacle of surfski production.  Meticulously crafted using our unrivalled combination of cutting-edge autoclave technology and prepreg carbon, we employ the same production process used in the space industry and F1 car manufacturing. By subjecting the prepreg fibres to four times atmospheric pressure and intense heat from the autoclave, we achieve an exceptionally strong and lightweight construction.

Our superior construction process surpasses alternative manufacturing techniques such as vacuum infusion, and our leading-edge design results in the creation of surfskis of unparalleled strength, durability and speed.

Embrace the exceptional and paddle a Nordic surfski or K-1 today. 

CarbonX Stealth Black

Made with weight in mind the CX boasts an incredibly lightweight yet rigid raw pre-preg carbon construction. Please note, the visible carbon layup may result in an imperfect finish. Available in raw black only.

Weight: 7 kg (fully equipped)

Carbon Lite Special (Matte grey, black, white)

The CLS is 100% uni-directional prepreg carbon sandwich construction with a Divinycell foam core. 

Light and strong it is 'Special' because it comes in 3 colours. All CLS models come with a clear carbon black twill design in the cockpit.

Weight: 7.4kg (fully equipped) 

Carbon Lite Ice White 

The CL differs from the CLS only in colour choice. Crafted from 100% uni-directional prepreg carbon sandwich construction with a Divinycell foam core.

The CL comes in white only with either green or pink nose.

Weight: 8.3kg (fully equipped)

Carbon Composite

Pre-preg UD and fibreglass construction with premium grade divinycell foam core. Reinforced with stringer for increased stiffness and strength. 

Weight: 9kg (fully equipped)


Data and dimensions


Length: 520cm
Width 41cm
Recommended paddler weight: 55kg-95 kg


K-1 43

Length: 520cm
Width 43cm
Recommended paddler weight: 55kg-95 kg


K-1 43 and K-1 41 Standard fit out

  • carbon pedal rudder
  • Surfski-style seat
  • Standard rudder: Marathon
  • Option: deBrito self bailer, bulkhead


Rudder options

Surf, Weed, Race and Marathon.

Four rudders to chose from

Or an optional Smart track ski kick up rudder